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Santhi Mayadevi is an actress, writer, emcee, and lawyer. She made her debut in Malayalam cinema with the film “Ganagandharvan” and has since showcased her acting skills in movies such as “Naalam Mura,” “Drishyam 2,” and “Neru.” Additionally, she ventured into Tamil cinema with her debut film “Leo,” where she shared the screen with actor Vijay. With a diverse range of talents, Santhi Mayadevi has made a notable mark in both the Malayalam and Tamil film industries.

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Full Name          Santhi Mayadevi
NicknameSnathipriya, Adv Shanti
Working AsActress, writer, emcee, and lawyer
Date of Birth (DOB)29 June 1990
Birth PlaceThiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Current LocationThiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
Famous forShe is known for her role in the Malayalam movie “Drishyam 2.”

Santhi Mayadevi Family

Santhi Mayadevi’s family details are currently limited, and the names of her parents are not publicly known. She does have a brother named Hari Vimal. Further information about her family is expected to be updated soon.

In her personal life, she is married to Shiju Rajasekharan. The couple is blessed with a daughter named Aaradhya, adding joy and warmth to their family. While specific details about her parents remain private, her close-knit family, including her husband and daughter, plays an important role in her life.

FatherUpdate soon
MotherUpdate soon
BrotherHari Vimal
HusbandShiju Rajasekharan

Santhi Mayadevi Education

Santhi Mayadevi completed her schooling at GGHSS Nedumangad. For her higher education, she pursued law at the Kerala Law Academy Law College in Trivandrum. Additionally, she studied English literature at MG College. This educational background reflects her commitment to a diverse range of disciplines, combining legal studies with a focus on literature.

Educational Qualification  LLB
Graduation in English literature
SchoolGGHSS Nedumangad
College/ UniversityKerala Law Academy Law College, trivandrum

Santhi Mayadevi Social Media

Santhi Mayadevi maintains an active presence on social media platforms, particularly on Instagram and Facebook. Through her official accounts, she shares glimpses of her professional endeavors, including updates about her acting projects and experiences in the entertainment industry. Fans and followers can connect with her on these platforms to stay informed about her latest ventures and to catch a behind-the-scenes look into her life. Santhi uses social media as a medium to engage with her audience, sharing moments from her personal and professional life, making her presence felt in the digital space.

Santhi Mayadevi Facebook, Twitter, Email ID, and Youtube

Facebook: @santhimayadevi

Instagram: @santhi_mayadevi/

Twitter: Twitter

Santhi Mayadevi Career


Santhi Mayadevi is a versatile actor known for her performances in the film industry. With a diverse skill set, she has successfully portrayed various characters on the big screen. Her acting journey began with the Malayalam film “Ganagandharvan,” marking her debut and showcasing her talent to the audience.

She has further enriched her filmography with notable roles in movies such as “Naalam Mura,” “Drishyam 2,” and “Neru.” Venturing into the Tamil film industry, she made her debut with “Leo,” starring alongside actor Vijay.

Santhi Mayadevi’s on-screen presence, coupled with her dedication to her craft, has contributed to her growing reputation in the world of cinema. As her career progresses, audiences can anticipate more captivating performances from this talented actor.


Santhi Mayadevi has not only made her mark as an actress but has also showcased her talents as an emcee. From 2006 to 2010, she served as an emcee at Asianet, where her engaging and lively hosting style earned her recognition. Subsequently, from 2011 to 2012, she continued her emceeing career at Amrita TV, where her skills as a host flourished. Her stint as an emcee reflects her ability to connect with audiences, showcasing versatility in her career by excelling not only in acting but also in the dynamic role of an emcee in the television industry.


Santhi Mayadevi has proven herself not only as an accomplished actress and emcee but also as a legal professional. Commencing her legal career in 2011, she started practising law at the District Court in Trivandrum. Demonstrating dedication and proficiency in her legal endeavours, she progressed to advocate for the Kerala High Court. Beyond the courtroom, she has participated in numerous debate shows on news channels, showcasing her ability to articulate and discuss legal matters in the public domain. This multifaceted career trajectory highlights her commitment to both the entertainment industry and the legal profession.


Santhi Mayadevi made a notable entry into the world of writing with her debut as a co-writer for the movie “Neru,” collaborating with director Jeethu Joseph. She is not only a talented actress but also a skilled writer in the Jeethu Joseph-directed movie, which stars the well-known actor Mohanlal in the lead role. The collaboration on “Neru” marks a significant milestone in her career, demonstrating her versatility and creative contributions to the filmmaking process.

Santhi Mayadevi Movies

Santhi Mayadevi has made noteworthy contributions to the film industry, showcasing her diverse talents across various roles.

  1. Debut Movie – “Ganagandharvan” (Malayalam): Santhi Mayadevi marked her entry into Malayalam cinema with the film “Ganagandharvan,” where she demonstrated her acting prowess.
  2. Tamil Debut – “Leo”: Venturing into Tamil cinema, she made her debut with the film “Leo,” sharing the screen with the acclaimed actor Vijay.
  3. Debut as a Writer: “Neru” (Malayalam): In a creative leap, Santhi Mayadevi took on the role of a co-writer for the Malayalam movie “Neru,” collaborating with director Jeethu Joseph. This marked her debut as a writer, showcasing her storytelling skills.
  4. Upcoming Movie – “Ram”: Anticipation surrounds her upcoming project, “Ram,” adding to the excitement of her filmography. Fans and audiences eagerly await her performance in this upcoming venture.

Santhi Mayadevi’s filmography reflects her versatility, from acting in diverse roles to making her mark as a writer. With each project, she continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible impact on the cinematic landscape.

YearMovies List
2021Drishyam 2
2022Naalam Mura
2024Ram: Upcoming


In conclusion, Santhi Mayadevi emerges as a multifaceted talent in the world of entertainment. From her early days as an actress in Malayalam cinema to her ventures into Tamil cinema, she has showcased versatility and skill. Her journey extends beyond acting, with notable contributions as an emcee and lawyer. Impressively, she expanded her creative horizons by co-writing the film “Neru.” As she continues to evolve in her career, with an upcoming project like “Ram” on the horizon, Santhi Mayadevi stands as a dynamic personality, leaving an indelible mark across various facets of the industry. Her diverse talents and contributions mark her as a notable figure in the vibrant landscape of Indian cinema.

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