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The multitalented artist Kavya Ajit, who is from Kozhikode, Kerala, has become a well-known name in the Indian music business. Kavya has been singing, writing songs, and playing the violin for a long time. She has combined her skills into a beautiful tapestry of melodic expression.

Kavya has always had a natural love for music, and her path to becoming a musician began at a young age. Her roots in Kozhikode, a city famous for its rich culture, probably had a big impact on her desire to be an artist. Kerala’s wide range of cultures, including its long history of classical and folk music, made it a great place for Kavya to develop her musical skills.

Kavya can sing in a lot of different Indian languages, which shows how versatile she is as a singer. The songs she has sung in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and other languages demonstrate her proficiency with languages. This ability to speak more than one language has not only helped her reach more people, but it also shows that she is dedicated to exploring the wide range of Indian music styles.

In addition to being a great singer, Kavya is also a very good violinist, which gives her musical skills even more depth. The violin, which is thought to be one of the most expressive instruments, becomes a part of Kavya’s artistic persona, letting her show how she feels through its beautiful melodies.

When Kavya Ajit writes songs, she gives them a unique voice and makes the lyrics very emotional, so people can relate to them. Her music has a personal touch because she can capture the essence of feelings and life experiences. This makes it touching and easy to relate to.

Kavya’s commitment to her craft and her openness to experimenting with various genres of music have distinguished her career in the music industry. Not only has her work earned her praise, but it has also added to the rich cultural tapestry of Indian music.

In an Indian music scene that is always changing, Kavya Ajit is a great example of how powerful art can be and how music can connect people from different languages and cultures. Kavya Ajit is still enchanting audiences with her soulful voice, evocative lyrics, and beautiful violin playing. She is an inspiration to aspiring musicians and a beloved artist among music fans across the country.

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Full Name           Kavya Ajit
Nickname Kavya Ajit
Working AsPlayback singer
Date of Birth (DOB)17 July 1991
Birth PlaceKozhikode, Kerala
Current LocationKerala
Famous forShe received wider recognition following the release of the Song “Ee Shishirakalam” from the movie Jacobinte Swargarajyam.

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Kavya Ajit family

Kavya Ajit, born on July 17, 1991, in Kozhikode, hails from a family deeply rooted in academia and medicine. Her father, Dr. Ajit Bhaskar, serves as a pulmonologist and professor at Malabar Medical College, while her mother, Dr. Lakshmi S., holds the position of Associate Professor in Gynaecology at Calicut Medical College.

Musical Upbringing

Kavya got interested in music early on because she grew up in a family that liked music. Her grandmother, Kamala Subrahmaniam, who used to work for All India Radio, taught her the basics of Carnatic music. As soon as Kavya moved to Chennai, she continued her music lessons with Geeta Devi Vasudevan and Madurai Rajaram. She learned Western violin at the same time, with the help of Albert Vijayan Japheth. This wide range of experiences helped Kavya Ajit develop her many skills as a singer, songwriter, and violinist.

FatherDr. Ajit Bhaskar (Pulmonologist and Professor at Malabar Medical College)
MotherDr. Lakshmi S (Associate Professor in Gynaecology at Calicut Medical College)
BrotherUpdate soon
SisterUpdate soon

Kavya Ajit Husband, Affairs, Boyfriends and Marital Status

Kavya Ajit is married to Vidhyasagar Venkatesan, and she is very happy with her life. They talk about their life together in Chennai, a lively city where they have made a home full of love and music. Kavya and her husband, who are now parents to a lovely daughter, have shared the joys of parenthood. This balance in Kavya’s family life goes well with her busy career as a singer, songwriter, and violinist. Kavya’s husband, Vidhyasagar Venkatesan, gives her strength and support as she works on her art. Together, they handle life’s melodies.

Marital Status     Married
Husband/SpouseVidhyasagar Venkatesan

Kavya Ajit Education

What Kavya Ajit learned in school prepared her for both her analytical and artistic interests. Starting with school, she went to Presentation Higher Secondary School and Silver Hills Public School in Kozhikode, which shaped her early years in school. She then became interested in technology and went on to get a degree in computer science engineering from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetam, Coimbatore.

After college, Kavya went into business and started working at Cognizant Technology Solutions. However, because she loved music so much, she made the important choice to leave the business world and pursue a full-time career in music. She made this brave move to show that she is determined to follow her true calling and let music change her life.

Educational Qualification  Computer Science Graduate
SchoolSilverHills Public School in Kozhikode
College/ UniversityAmrita Vishwa Vidyapeetam, Coimbatore

Kavya Ajit Instagram

These days, Kavya Ajit is an artist who takes her music to the internet, especially on Instagram and YouTube. She has a big following on Instagram, where she shares some of her musical creations and personal moments with her fans. Here, her fans can see how her work as an artist and everyday life fit together, making a personal link between the artist and her audience

Kavya Ajit has also made a name for herself on YouTube with her channel, which is appropriately named “Iham Kavyam.” She generously shares her musical works on this platform, creating a virtual stage where her fans can see how talented she is. “Iham Kavyam” is Kavya’s digital canvas, where she tells her captivating musical story to her fans all over the world, whether it’s through soulful renditions, original compositions, or behind-the-scenes looks at her creative process.

Kavya Ajit Facebook, Twitter, Email ID, and Youtube

Furthermore, the Kavya Ajit singer has carved her space on YouTube through her channel, aptly named “Iham Kavyam.” On this platform, she generously shares her musical works, creating a virtual stage for her audience to experience the depth of her talent. Whether it’s soulful renditions, original compositions, or behind-the-scenes glimpses of her creative process, “Iham Kavyam” serves as a digital canvas where Kavya weaves a captivating musical narrative for her global audience.


Kavya Ajit Harivarasanam Song

Kavya Ajit Career

Kavya Ajit made her musical debut in the Ranjan Pramod-directed Malayalam movie “Rose Guitarinaal” in 2014. The film’s music composer, Shahbaz Aman, discovered her unique voice, leading to her breakthrough with the song “Engum Nalla Pookkal.” This marked the beginning of Kavya’s successful career in the Malayalam music industry.

Tamil Tune-Up:

Kavya made her Tamil debut with the song “Hey Umayaal” in the Achu Rajamani-composed movie “Urumeen,” which ventured outside of Malayalam cinema. However, her true taste of success came with the song “Neeyen Kaataai” from the film “Jo and the Boy,” composed by Rahul Subrahmanian.

Breezy Melodies in Telugu

In 2016, Kavya expanded her musical horizons by making her Telugu debut with the song “Jakkanna” from the film of the same name. Her versatile voice, praised for its grooviness, added another dimension to her growing repertoire.

Pan-Indian Presence:

Kavya’s career traversed linguistic boundaries as she continued to make a mark in Bollywood with the song “Agnijwalaa” for the film “Mom,” part of A.R. Rahman’s Malayalam soundtrack album. Her ability to adapt to diverse musical styles showcased her versatility on a pan-Indian scale.

Live Performances and Collaborations:

Beyond the studio, Kavya Ajit has graced numerous stages, performing at Carnatic concerts and Western vocal and violin gigs. She has shared the stage with illustrious artists such as A.R. Rahman, Karthik, and Vineeth Sreenivasan. Additionally, her collaboration with various artists for albums, singles, and commercial jingles underscores her dynamic presence in the Indian music landscape.

Kavya Ajit Songs

  • Rose Guitarinaal, “Engum Nalla Pookkal” (Composer: Shahabaz Aman, language: Malayalam)
  • Nam Duniya Nam Style: “Take It Easy” (Composer: Shaan Rahman | Language: Kannada)
  • Praise The Lord: “Ab Kya Hua He” (Composer: Shaan Rahman, language: Malayalam)
  • Oru Vadakkan Selfie, “Neelaambalin” (Composer: Shaan Rahman, language: Malayalam)
  • Lavender: “Pulari Manjin” and “She’s So Beautiful” (Composer: Deepak Dev, language: Malayalam)
  • Appavam Veenjum, “Nee Thirapol” (Composer: Ouseppachan, language: Malayalam)
  • Jo and the Boy, “Neeyen Kaattaai” (Composer: Rahul Subramanian, language: Malayalam)
  • Urumeen, “Hey Umayaal” (Composer: Achu Rajamani, language: Tamil)
  • Chennai Koottam, “Life is like A” (Composer: Sajan K. Ram, language: Malayalam)
  • Jacobinte Swargarajyam, “Ee Shishirakaalam” (Composer: Shaan Rahman, language: Malayalam)
  • Jakkanna: “Jakkanna” (Composer: Dinesh | Language: Telugu)
  • Konjam Konjam, “Kadhalgi” (Composer: Vallavan, language: Tamil)
  • Chunkzz, “Chekkanum Pennum” (Composer: Gopi Sundar | Language: Malayalam)
  • Mom, “Agnijwalaa” (Composer: A R Rahman, language: Malayalam)
  • 2 Countries: “Ullasamlo” (Composer: Gopi Sundar | Language: Telugu)
  • Vimaanam: “Anthikevarikente” and “Meghakanavinu” (Composer: Gopi Sundar, language: Malayalam)
  • Hey Jude, “Hey Don’t Worry Jude” (Composer: Rahul Raj | Language: Malayalam)
  • B.Tech. “Peda Glassu” (Composer: Rahul Raj | Language: Malayalam)
  • Irupathiyonnaam Noottaandu, “Aaraaro Ardhramayi” (Composer: Gopi Sundar, language: Malayalam)
  • Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal, “Maaga Maaga” (Composer: Harshavardhan Rameshwar, language: Tamil/Telugu)
  • Thinkalazhcha Nishchayam, “Kedanalame” (Composer: Mujeeb Majeed, language: Malayalam)
  • Varisi: “Mayo” (Composer: Nandha | Language: Tamil)
  • Jack N’ Jill, “Annatha Pokki” (Composer: Ram Surendar, language: Malayalam)

Interesting Facts about her

  • Birth and Origin:
    • Kavya Ajit was born on July 17, 1991, in Kozhikode, Kerala, India.
  • Musical Roots:
    • Raised in a musically inclined family, she learned the basics of Carnatic music from her grandmother, Kamala Subrahmaniam, a former All India Radio artist.
  • Educational Background:
    • Kavya attended Presentation Higher Secondary School and Silver Hills Public School in Kozhikode.
    • She graduated as a computer science engineer from Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetam, Coimbatore.
  • Corporate Stint:
    • Prior to pursuing a full-time career in music, Kavya worked at Cognizant Technology Solutions.
  • Multilingual Talent:
    • Kavya has recorded songs in various Indian languages, including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.
  • Breakthrough Song:
    • Her breakthrough in the music industry came with the song “Engum Nalla Pookkal” from the movie “Rose Guitarinaal.”
  • Debuts in Different Languages:
    • She made her Tamil debut with the song “Hey Umayaal” for the film “Urumeen” and her Telugu debut with “Jakkanna.”
  • Popular Tracks:
    • Some of her popular songs include “Ee Shishirakaalam” from “Jacobinte Swargarajyam” and “Neelaambalin” from “Oru Vadakkan Selfie.”
  • YouTube Channel:
    • Kavya Ajit has a YouTube channel named “Iham Kavyam,” where she shares her musical works.
  • Live Performances:
    • She has performed at various Carnatic concerts and Western vocal and violin gigs, sharing the stage with renowned artists like A.R. Rahman, Karthik, and others.
  • Collaborations:
    • Kavya has collaborated with diverse artists, including Vishal Chandrasekhar, Siddharth Menon, Justin Prabhakaran, and Madley Blues, for albums and singles.
  • Family Life:
    • Kavya is married to Vidhyasagar Venkatesan, and the couple resides in Chennai. They have a daughter.
  • Social media presence:
    • She is active on Instagram, sharing both her musical works and glimpses into her personal life with her followers.


In conclusion, Kavya Ajit emerges as a versatile and accomplished artist, seamlessly blending her roots in classical music with a modern, multilingual approach. From her early education in Kozhikode to her corporate stint and subsequent leap into the vibrant world of music, Kavya’s journey reflects a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. Her breakthrough in the industry with “Engum Nalla Pookkal” marked the beginning of a prolific career, with numerous hits across various languages.

Kavya’s ability to connect with audiences through soulful renditions and heartfelt compositions has earned her a dedicated fan following. Her contributions extend beyond the studio, with live performances showcasing her prowess on diverse platforms. The success of her YouTube channel, “Iham Kavyam,” underscores her digital presence and commitment to sharing her musical creations with a global audience.

As Kavya Ajit continues to evolve as an artist, her exploration of different languages, genres, and collaborations reaffirms her position as a dynamic force in the Indian music landscape. With a rich tapestry of achievements and a promising future ahead, Kavya Ajit remains a beacon of inspiration for music enthusiasts, leaving an indelible mark on the melodious journey of Indian music.

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