Baby Jean

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Baby Jean, originally named Habish Rahman, is a talented Malayalam rapper, lyricist, and Instagram influencer. He gained recognition for his trendy Malayalam rap song titled “Kaayi.”

With his unique style and catchy beats, Baby Jean has captivated audiences with his music, which often incorporates elements of Malayalam culture and language. His lyrics are known for their wit, social commentary, and clever wordplay, earning him a dedicated fan base.

In addition to his music career, Baby Jean has also made a mark as an Instagram influencer, where he shares snippets of his life, behind-the-scenes moments, and interacts with his followers.

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Full Name          Habish Rahman
NicknameBaby Jean
Working AsMalayalam rapper, lyricist, and Instagram influencer
Date of Birth (DOB)Update Soon
Birth PlaceMalappuram, Kerala
Current LocationKerala
Famous forHe is famous for his rap song, “Kaayi.”

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Through his music and online presence, Baby Jean continues to make a significant impact on the Malayalam rap scene, inspiring others with his creativity and talent.

Baby Jean Family: father, mother, brother, sister

Baby Jean, the talented Malayalam rapper, has kept his personal life, including details about his family, private. Despite his active presence on social media and in the music industry, he has chosen not to share information about his family with the public. Baby Jean prefers to maintain a level of privacy surrounding his personal relationships, focusing instead on his music career and interactions with fans. As such, there is limited information available about his family background, upbringing, and relatives. However, this decision to keep his family life confidential underscores Baby Jean’s desire to separate his personal and professional spheres, allowing him to maintain a sense of privacy while pursuing his passion for music.

FatherUpdate soon
MotherUpdate soon
BrotherUpdate soon
SisterUpdate Soon

Baby Jean Wife, Affairs, Girlfriends, and Marital Status

As of now, Baby Jean’s marital status indicates that he is unmarried. Furthermore, details regarding any romantic affairs or relationships are not publicly known. Baby Jean has chosen to maintain a level of privacy regarding his personal life, including his romantic endeavours. While he may be active on social media and in the public eye due to his music career, he has not shared information about his romantic relationships or dating life with his audience. This decision reflects his desire to keep his personal matters separate from his professional endeavours, allowing him to focus on his music and maintain a sense of privacy. As such, there is no available information about Baby Jean’s past or present romantic relationships.

Marital Status     Unmarried
BoyfriendUpdate soon
SpouseUpdate soon

Baby Jean Education

Information regarding Baby Jean‘s education is not widely available in the public domain. He has chosen to keep details about his educational background private, focusing instead on his career as a Malayalam rapper and lyricist. As a result, specific information about his schooling, college, or academic qualifications is not readily accessible. Baby Jean’s decision to maintain privacy regarding his education underscores his focus on his music career and artistic endeavours rather than his formal schooling. While his educational background may not be publicly known, his talent and creativity in the music industry have earned him recognition and acclaim among fans of Malayalam rap.

Educational Qualification  Update Soon
College/ UniversityUpdate Soon

Baby Jean Instagram

Baby Jean, the talented Malayalam rapper, maintains an active and engaging presence on Instagram. With a vibrant and visually appealing feed, his Instagram profile serves as a window into his life, music, and personality. On his account, Baby Jean shares a variety of content, including:

  1. Music Updates: Baby Jean keeps his followers informed about his latest music releases, upcoming projects, and collaborations. He often shares snippets of his songs or promotional material to generate excitement among his fans.
  2. Behind-the-Scenes Moments: Followers get an exclusive look into Baby Jean’s creative process through behind-the-scenes photos and videos from his studio sessions, rehearsals, and performances.
  3. Personal Insights: While maintaining a level of privacy, Baby Jean offers glimpses into his personal life, sharing moments with friends, family, and his experiences outside of the music industry.
  4. Engagement with Fans: Baby Jean actively interacts with his followers by responding to comments, hosting Q&A sessions, and acknowledging fan art or messages. This fosters a sense of community and connection among his audience.
  5. Promotion and Brand Partnerships: Like many influencers, Baby Jean collaborates with brands and sponsors, sharing sponsored content or promoting products that align with his personal brand and interests.

Baby Jean Social Media

FacebookUpdate Soon
TwitterUpdate Soon
YoutubeUpdate Soon

Baby Jean Songs

  1. “Kaayi”: This breakout hit propelled Baby Jean into the spotlight, known for its infectious beat and clever lyrics, addressing social issues and cultural themes.
  2. “Thalakkanam”: Another popular track showcasing Baby Jean’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities, resonating with audiences for its relatable themes and catchy rhythm.
  3. “Bandana”: With “Bandana,” Baby Jean demonstrates his versatility as an artist, blending elements of rap and hip-hop with his own unique style and delivery.
  4. “Ceasefire Now”: This powerful song delves into pressing societal issues, advocating for peace and unity while highlighting Baby Jean’s ability to address complex topics through music.
  5. “Polika Polika”: Featured in the movie “Chaaver,” this song further expands Baby Jean’s reach, reaching audiences beyond the music scene and showcasing his talent as a versatile artist capable of adapting to different mediums.

Baby Jean Net worth

As of the latest available information, Baby Jean’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. Like many artists and celebrities, specific details about his financial status, earnings, and net worth are not readily available to the public. Baby Jean has gained recognition and success in the Malayalam rap scene through his music, performances, and social media presence. However, without official reports or statements from Baby Jean or his representatives, it is challenging to provide an accurate estimation of his net worth. It’s important to respect his privacy regarding financial matters while acknowledging his achievements and contributions to the music industry.

Interesting facts about Baby Jean

  1. His childhood nickname and a well-known Western influence served as the basis for his stage name, “Baby Jean,” which showcases his distinctive fusion of local and international cultural references.
  2. Early Musical Influences: Baby Jean developed a passion for music at a young age, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of artists and genres, which contributes to the versatility of his style.
  3. Social Media Sensation: With a significant presence on Instagram, Baby Jean has amassed a large following, leveraging the platform to share his music, connect with fans, and provide glimpses into his life beyond the stage.
  4. Rise to Fame: His breakout hit song “Kaayi” propelled him into the spotlight, earning him recognition as a leading figure in the Malayalam rap scene and solidifying his position as a rising star.
  5. Lyricism and Wordplay: Known for his clever wordplay and witty lyrics, Baby Jean’s songs often contain layers of meaning, social commentary, and cultural references, captivating listeners with their depth and complexity.
  6. Collaborative Spirit: Baby Jean frequently collaborates with other artists within the Malayalam music industry, contributing to the growth and diversity of the rap scene while fostering a sense of community among fellow musicians.
  7. Youth Influence: As a relatable figure and youth icon, Baby Jean’s music resonates with audiences of all ages, particularly young listeners who find inspiration in his authentic expression and storytelling.
  8. Advocacy and Social Impact: Beyond his music, Baby Jean is actively involved in advocacy efforts and social causes, using his platform to raise awareness about important issues and inspire positive change within his community.
  9. Global Reach: While rooted in Malayalam culture, Baby Jean’s music transcends geographical boundaries, reaching audiences around the world and contributing to the globalisation of Indian hip-hop music.
  10. Continued Evolution: Despite his success, Baby Jean remains committed to growth and innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of his artistry and exploring new creative avenues to stay at the forefront of the music industry.