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Vismaya Mohanlal, also known as Maya Mohanlal, is a talented writer and the daughter of the iconic Malayalam actor Mohanlal. Born to Mohanlal and Suchitra Mohanlal, Vismaya is part of a renowned film family, with her elder brother, Pranav Mohanlal, carving his own path as an actor. While her father has left an indelible mark on Indian cinema, Vismaya has chosen to express her creativity through the written word. As a writer, she brings her unique perspective and artistic flair to the literary landscape, adding to the multifaceted legacy of the Mohanlal family in the world of entertainment.

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Full Name          Vismaya Mohanlal
Working AsWriter
Date of Birth (DOB) 2 June 1991
Birth Place
Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala
Current LocationThiruvananthapuram
Famous forShe is the daughter of the iconic Malayalam actor Mohanlal

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Vismaya Mohanlal Family

Vismaya Mohanlal, daughter of the acclaimed Malayalam actor Mohanlal and Suchitra Mohanlal, hails from a notable film family. Her elder brother, Pranav Mohanlal, has made his mark in the entertainment industry as an actor. The Mohanlal family is characterised by a rich legacy in Indian cinema, with Mohanlal being a prominent figure known for his versatile roles and contributions to the Malayalam film industry.

MotherSuchithra Mohanlal
BrothersPranav Mohanlal

Vismaya Mohanlal Husband, Affairs, Boyfriends and Marital Status

As of the available information, Vismaya Mohanlal’s marital status is single, and there is no public knowledge about her involvement in any affairs or having a boyfriend. Vismaya has maintained a private and low-key personal life, steering clear of the spotlight that often accompanies the entertainment industry. With no confirmed relationships or marital commitments to date, she continues to focus on her creative pursuits, including her role as a writer, contributing to the legacy of the renowned Mohanlal family in the realm of Indian cinema.

Marital Status     Not Married
BoyfriendUpdate soon
Husband/SpouseUpdate soon

Vismaya Mohanlal Education

Vismaya Mohanlal’s educational background includes her time at Hebron School in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. However, further details about her educational journey are currently not available. It is possible that more information about her education may be updated in the future. Nevertheless, her association with Hebron School in the picturesque town of Ooty reflects an upbringing that combines the academic environment with the serene surroundings of one of Tamil Nadu’s renowned educational institutions. As details emerge, they may shed more light on Vismaya’s educational pursuits and experiences.

“Grains of Stardust” by Vismaya Mohanlal: A Journey Through Emotion

Vismaya Mohanlal’s literary offering, “Grains of Stardust,” stands as a testament to her distinctive voice and imaginative prowess. In this synesthetic stream of consciousness, the boundaries between journey and destination blur, allowing the reader to embark on an unchecked exploration of the river of human emotion. With a unique expression of thought that prioritizes feeling over meaning, the book unveils a poetic narrative that resonates on a profound level. “Grains of Stardust” invites readers to traverse the ethereal landscape of emotion, providing a thought-provoking and immersive experience that reflects the author’s creative depth and literary finesse.

Vismaya Mohanlal Social Media

As of the available information, Vismaya Mohanlal maintains a presence on Instagram, where she shares insights into her life and creative endeavors. Her Instagram profile provides a glimpse into her world, offering followers a visual journey through her experiences, interests, and artistic expressions. Through this platform, she connects with fans, sharing moments of her life and contributing to the digital narrative of the Mohanlal family’s legacy. While specific details about her other social media engagements are not currently provided, her active presence on Instagram allows enthusiasts to stay updated on Vismaya’s ventures and appreciate her perspective in the evolving landscape of social media storytelling.

Facebook: Not Known

Instagram: @mayamohanlal/

Twitter: Not Known

Youtube: Not Known

Email ID: Not Known

Vismaya Mohanlal Facts

  • Vismaya Mohanlal is known for her affection for animals, particularly dogs and cats.
  • She has showcased her creative side as a writer, with one of her notable works being the book “Grains of Stardust.”
  • Vismaya is the daughter of the legendary Malayalam actor Mohanlal and Suchitra Mohanlal.
  • She has an elder brother, Pranav Mohanlal, who is a well-established actor in the industry.
  • Vismaya attended Hebron School in Ooty, Tamil Nadu, for her schooling.
  • While she keeps a relatively private profile, Vismaya is active on Instagram, sharing glimpses of her life and creative pursuits.
  • Vismaya has maintained a low-key personal life, keeping details about her relationships and affairs private.
  • Hailing from the illustrious Mohanlal family, she contributes to their multifaceted legacy in Indian cinema through her varied interests and talents.
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