Meghna Sumesh

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Meghna Sumesh has emerged as a singing sensation despite her young age, leaving audiences captivated by her melodious voice. Her talent was showcased to the world when she participated in the second season of the renowned Malayalam singing reality show, “Top Singer.” The show, broadcast on Flowers TV, became a platform for her extraordinary musical abilities, earning her recognition and admiration from viewers.

In addition to her television appearances, Meghna made her debut in Malayalam cinema with the film “Oru Sreelankan Sundari.” Her entry into the television and film industries at such a young age demonstrates her enormous potential, predicting a great future in the entertainment industry. Meghna Sumesh, a rising talent, continues to inspire audiences with her performances.

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Full Name           Meghna Sumesh
Nickname Meghna
Working AsPlayback singer
Date of Birth (DOB)16th May
Birth PlaceBangalore
Current LocationBangalore
Famous for She appeared on television as a participant in the second season of the famous Malayalam singing reality show “Top Singer.” 

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family, father, mother, brother, sister

Meghna Sumesh is from a family with a strong bond that includes her father, Sumesh. While information on her mother is currently unavailable, updates to her mother’s name will be published as soon as possible. Despite the minimal information given, it is clear that Meghna is supported by her family, allowing her to pursue her passions and thrive in her pursuits. Her family members’ encouragement is likely to have played a vital part in her development as a talented individual.

MotherUpdate soon
BrotherUpdate soon
SisterUpdate soon


Meghna Sumesh is currently pursuing her education, although specific details about the school she attends are not available at the moment. Any updates regarding her educational institution will be provided soon. As she continues her studies, she is undoubtedly channeling her passion and dedication into her academic pursuits, further shaping her bright future.

Educational Qualification  Update soon
SchoolUpdate soon
College/ University

Meghna Sumesh Instagram

Meghna Sumesh’s Instagram account stands as a testament to her musical talent and growing popularity. With a substantial following of 200k followers, she has garnered a significant fanbase on the platform. Her account is a hub of creativity, where she frequently shares captivating musical videos and songs, showcasing her exceptional singing abilities. Through her posts, she not only entertains her audience but also inspires aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts alike. Her Instagram presence serves as a platform where fans can immerse themselves in her melodious renditions, making her a cherished figure in the digital music landscape.

Facebook, Twitter, Email ID, and Youtube

Meghna Sumesh’s online presence extends beyond Instagram, reaching audiences on Facebook and YouTube. On Facebook, she has a substantial following of 220k fans, where she engages her audience with updates, musical performances, and more. Meanwhile, her YouTube channel boasts an impressive 400k subscribers. Here, she shares a variety of content, including vlogs and musical videos, allowing her fans to explore different facets of her talent and personality. Through these platforms, Meghna connects with a diverse audience, captivating viewers with her music and insights, further solidifying her status as a beloved figure in the digital realm.

Facebook: Facebook

Email ID:  Update Soon

Instagram: Instagram

Twitter: Update Soon

Youtube: youtube

Here are some facts about Meghna Sumesh

  • Birth: Meghna Sumesh was born on May 16 in Bangalore, India.
  • Musical Talent: She is a gifted singer, showcasing her talent through various musical videos and performances.
  • Television Appearance: Meghna gained recognition by participating in the second season of the popular Malayalam singing reality show “Top Singer,” aired on Flowers TV.
  • Film Debut: She made her debut in Malayalam cinema with the movie “Oru Sreelankan Sundari.”
  • Social Media Presence: Meghna is active on social media platforms, with 200k followers on Facebook, 400k subscribers on YouTube, and 3.5 million followers on Instagram.
  • Content Creation: On YouTube, she shares vlogs and musical videos, demonstrating her versatile talent to a wide audience.
  • Supportive Family: While specific details about her family are limited, it’s evident she comes from a supportive background, allowing her to pursue her passion for music and entertainment.
  • Continued Education: Although the details about her current school are not available, she is continuing her education while pursuing her musical endeavors.

Meghna Sumesh Movies

  • Oru Sreelankan Sundari.”

Oru Sreelankan Sundari Malayalam Movie – Teaser 


In conclusion, Meghna Sumesh stands as a rising star in the music and entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her exceptional talent and versatile skills. Her journey from Bangalore to the spotlight has been marked by her participation in “Top Singer,” her debut in Malayalam cinema, and her strong online presence across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

With a melodious voice and a dedicated fanbase, Meghna has not only showcased her musical prowess but also established herself as a beloved figure in the digital realm. As she continues to create captivating content and share her musical journey, her future in the industry looks incredibly promising. With a supportive family and an ever-growing audience, Meghna Sumesh’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists, proving that passion, dedication, and talent can pave the way for a successful and fulfilling career in the world of music and entertainment.